Human Resources Department - Central Campus IUK

Human Resources Department

Head of Human Resources Department

Abdrakhmanova Aigul Tursunovna

  • Address: room. 307, 17A / 1 Leo Tolstoy st., Bishkek, 720007 Kyrgyz Republic
Chief Inspector

Turatbekova Janylmyrza Turatbekovna

  • Address: 307, 17A / 1 Leo Tolstoy st., Bishkek, 720007 Kyrgyz Republic
  • Phone: +996 312 64 23 37
  • email:
Chief Inspector

Artykbekova Meerim Artykbekovna

  • Address: 307, 17A / 1 Leo Tolstoy st., Bishkek, 720007 Kyrgyz Republic

Mambetalieva Elvira Melisovna

  • Address: 307, 17A / 1 Leo Tolstoy st., Bishkek, 720007 Kyrgyz Republic
  • Phone: +996 312 64 23 37

The main goal of the Human Resources Department is to create a highly efficient and productive team to achieve the best results of the University. A whole range of organizational measures, balanced decisions and competent steps of the Human Resources Department staff ensure the work effective organization and each university employees’ career growth.

In order to ensure the status of a leading university in the Kyrgyz Republic, one of the most important conditions for the ARPC “IUK” employment is professionalism, reliability, competence and intelligence.

The fundamental principles of the Human Resources Department activity are the compliance of all mission directions with the corporate values and strategic directions of the University personnel policy, the focus on ensuring employees’ professional competence growth and their work motivation.

The main Department tasks:

  • Providing the university with qualified structural divisions personnel and administration staff;
  • Implementation the university unified personnel policy in accordance with the university mission, human resource management current plans and modern concepts;
  • Ensuring compliance with labor laws;
  • Systematic analysis of the personnel reserve formation;
  • Determination the need for training, the process of training and development organization and provision, employees’ retraining and advanced training;
  • Ensuring compliance with labor discipline by the university employees;
  • Provision the methodological assistance to structural divisions’ employees.


The Department fulfills the following functions:

  • planning the current and future needs for personnel, taking into account the existing human resources, as well as the university goals and objectives;
  • uniform criteria definition and development for the employees’ selection: qualification characteristics analysis and qualification requirements for positions development;
  • organizing and conducting selection for filling vacancies;
  • the University staff accounting;
  • personnel reserve formation, development of employees with professional and leadership potential;
  • development of recommendations for the university structure and staffing optimization
  • analysis of the employees’ needs in training;
  • job descriptions development for employees, introduction the norms and rules that promote the ethical standards development at the university;
  • Ensuring timely registration of the employees’ admission, transfer and dismissal in accordance with applicable law, as well as maintaining other established personnel documentation;
  • organizing the employment contracts drafting and execution;
  • work books maintenance and storage organization;
  • data bank formation and maintenance about the personnel quantitative, qualitative staff using software the “AVN” automated information system;
  • timesheet organization;
  • employees’ vacations scheduling;
  • business trips registration and accounting;
  • personnel document flow systematization, introduction the uniform standards for personnel and university-wide office work;
  • preparation of draft orders, as well as certificates and other documents within its competence;
  • preparation of employees’ documents submitted to departmental, government and state awards;
  • monitoring the compliance with the rules of internal labor regulations by university employees;
  • the established personnel reporting maintenance.