About the Department of Education - Central Campus IUK

About the Department of Education

Director of the Education Department

 Ibraeva Asel Turatbekovna

Address: st. L. Tolstoy 17a / 1, room. 207, Bishkek  city/ Kyrgyz Republic

Tel: 64-11-42

E-mail: asel.ibraeva@iuk.kg


The Education Department is a structural subdivision of the university, the main function of which is the organization, control, automation and improvement of the educational process at the university faculties and departments.

The Education Department was established to organize the educational process under the programs of higher and secondary vocational education and to provide conditions for its improvement. It performs the tasks:

 -to plan and organize the educational process for all forms of studying,

-to develop regulatory documentation for educational and methodical work, diagnosing the educational process, statistical processing of certification results,

-to comply summary statistical university reports about the students’ contingent movement, the university annual report on the implementation of the teaching load,

-to lead the control over the AVN automated control system.

The Department solves all problems related to the curricula, the educational process schedules, sequences of courses, calendar schedules, as well as classes and exams schedules preparation and approval. The Education Department prepares packages of documents for the university licensing, attestation and accreditation, prepares materials for the university and fields of study rating, controls planning and implementation of the teaching staff load.

The tasks of the Education Department are the following:

  • all forms of studying educational process planning, organization and control;
  • database on all forms of studying students contingent formation and maintenance;
  • all types reporting implementation on the university educational activities;
  • coordinating work on the point-rating system of education and students’ academic progress assessment introduction and use at the faculties;
  • students’ academic progress analysis;
  • the teaching load fulfillment analysis at the departments;
  • materials collection and provision for the university licensing and accreditation;
  • AVN control system automation analysis;
  • regular checks of labor discipline observance by teachers, student attendance, the use of the classroom fund accounting and optimization, the class schedule control, etc.

Regulations on the Education Department

The Education Department employees’  job responsibilities 



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