About the international department - Central Campus IUK

About the international department

Head of International Department:

Moldokeeva Zhenishkul Fridonovna

Address: The Presidium building, 2nd floor, IUK Central Campus, 17A/1 L. Tolstoy  St. 720007, Bishkek,  Kyrgyz Republic

Tel.: + 996 778 509 824

Email: internationaloffice@iuk.kg

Leading specialist:

Zhumabekova Aidana Taalaibekovna

Address: The Presidium building, 1st floor, IUK Central Campus, 17A/1 L. Tolstoy St. 720007, Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic

Tel.: + 996 550 51 01 33

Email: internationaloffice@iuk.kg

Leading specialist in academic mobility:

Sharshenova Aichurok Sharshenovna

Address: The Presidium building, 1st floor, IUK Central Campus, 17A/1 L. Tolstoy St. 720007, Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic
Tel.: +996 702 73 49 58

Email: internationaloffice@iuk.kg


The International Department is the ARPC “IUK” structural subdivision.

The International Department was established to organize and develop the ARPC “IUK” educational, research, social activities and improve the image, both at the state and international levels.

The department main goals and functions include activities aimed at developing, strengthening and improving the effectiveness of the university international relations, namely:

  • partnerships expanding with national and foreign universities, research institutes, institutions;
  • the latest international educational technologies study and implementation, including the study of the issue concerning financial and technical support obtaining;
  • project proposals development and implementation together with the ARPC “IUK” structural subdivisions;
  • students and teaching staff’s academic mobility development, sending students of secondary vocational education and higher professional education (bachelor’s, master’s, specialist), as well as postgraduate (PhD programs) abroad to study;
  • educational services export development and the university integration into the international scientific and educational space.
  • activities coordination of the following department divisions:

        – International Sector

       –  Passport and Visa Sector

        – «Global Vision» Center


  • Regulations on the International Department
  • Employees’ job description
  • Regulations on the NCEI ARPC “IUK” students and teaching staff academic mobility organization.