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About the university



The International University of Kyrgyzstan, with the status of an international higher educational institution, was established by Decree № DP-74 signed by the President of the Kyrgyz Republic on March 11, 1993.

The founders of the university were the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kyrgyz Republic, the National Academy of Sciences of the Kyrgyz Republic, and the State University of San Francisco (USA) provided assistance in the university development.

By the Decree of the President of the Kyrgyz Republic of December 30, 1998 and the Decree of the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic of February 8, 1999 No. 74, the International University of Kyrgyzstan was granted the status of an autonomous self-governing university.


The university was transformed into the Academic Research and Production Complex “International University of Kyrgyzstan” by the Decree of the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic No. 53 on February 12, 2003.


The university was transformed into the Academic Consortium “International University of Kyrgyzstan”, – a corporate group, that includes a number of educational, scientific and productive institutions of various levels in 2017.

At present time, the university has created an organizational structure based on the Euro-American universities structure, which assumes the structural units autonomy the aim of which is the active work in the field of education and science.

The current model of the “International University of Kyrgyzstan” is a holding structure that meets modern challenges as much as possible, where educational, scientific, industrial institutions strengthen each other’s potential and work together to improve the quality constantly.

As an international university, the IUK Academic Consortium is actively involved into the international activities, introducing innovative methods of education and scientific researches, developing trends in the education globalization, and expanding cooperation with universities and organizations from different countries.


The International University of Kyrgyzstan is the member of the following organizations:

  • World Association of Universities and Colleges (WAUC),
  • European University Association (EUA),
  • Federation of Universities of the Islamic World (FUIW),
  • International Association of Universities and Faculties of International Relations of MSIIR Partner Universities,
  • Global Alliance for Transnational Education (GATE),
  • European Association for International Education (EAIE),
  • Consortium of Eurasian Universities of the Silk Road (ESRUC),
  • International Association of Universities under UNESCO,
  • Union of Universities of Turkic Speaking States,
  • Consortium of Middle Western Universities for International Activities (MUCIA),
  • Association for Medical European Education (AMEE),
  • Foundation for Medical Education and Science (FAIMER),
  • European Organization for PhD Education in Biomedicine and Public Health (ORFHEUS).
  • Alliance of Medical Universities “One Belt – One Road”.
  • Alliance of New Europe Universities.

International University of Kyrgyzstan has the following awards:

  • International award “Gold Star of Quality” in the field of education, established by BID (Business Initiative Directions), Geneva (Switzerland).
  • International award “European Quality” for achieving high quality of educational services in accordance with European standards, Varna (Bulgaria). Award founders: Club of Rectors of Europe (CVCE), European Business Assembly (EBA).
  • International PLATINA category award for active work, high-quality work, application of models of effective actions, development and implementation of a quality management strategy and achievement of high performance results, International Quality Summit (International Quality Summit), London, 2007.



Comfortable conditions for study have been created for students in the IUK campuses, where specialized classrooms, auditoriums and special equipment are taken into account


The IUK departments teaching staff guarantees the best education. We are proud of our specialists.


The education is conducted in three languages at the IUK and a friendly atmosphere always reigns among the students. The Kyrgyz Republic, as well as near and far abroad citizens study with us.


The education quality policy is aimed at the university activities developing and its’ improving. Our diplomas are recognized in dozens countries of the world.

Youth Campus

IUK students are offered a wide range of opportunities for self-realization and self-development in their creativity in addition to education in basic subjects.


A large modern sports hall that meets all international standards requirements has been built on the IUK territory.


The mission of the International University of Kyrgyzstan is to prepare internationally recognized specialists thinking free, who are open to change, capable to transform knowledge into values for the benefit of the society development. We pursuit to develop each student personality so that our graduates can apply successfully their knowledge, skills and abilities anywhere in the world and show their professional qualities in a mobile environment.


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