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NCEI ARPC “IUK” ACADEMIC COUNCIL The NCEI ARPC “IUK” Academic Council is a public and professional representative governing body that carries out the university’s general management. The NCEI ARPC “IUK” Academic Council purpose of work is to determine the current and perspective areas of the university’s activities, to unite the university administration, scientific and pedagogical […]


NCEI ARPC “IUK” ACADEMIC COUNCIL MEMBERS   The Academic Council Chairman: Savchenko Elena Yurievna – Candidate of Technical Sciences, Professor, Rector of the Academic, Research and Production Complex “International University of Kyrgyzstan”. Scientific Secretary: Namatbekova Nurzat Mukambetovna – candidate of political sciences, associate professor. The Academic Council Members: Aidaraliev Asylbek Akmatbekovich – Doctor of Medical […]

Normative legal acts and documents

Normative legal acts and documents DECREE OF THE KYRGYZ REPUBLIC PRESIDENT Regulations on the Academic Council; Regulations on the ARPC “IUK” Academic Council; Regulations on the ARPC “IUK” Young Scientists Council; Regulations on academic degrees awarding Regulations on academic titles awarding Regulation on the rules for the List of peer-reviewed scientific periodicals formation Instructions for […]

Mission and vision

THE MISSION OF THE NCEI ARPC “IUK” The mission of the International University of Kyrgyzstan is to prepare internationally recognized specialists thinking free, who are open to change, capable to transform knowledge into values for the benefit of the society development. VISION OF NCEI ARPC “IUK” – Development of a holistic personality capable in applying […]

About the university

THE DEVELOPMENT HISTORY STAGE 1: The International University of Kyrgyzstan, with the status of an international higher educational institution, was established by Decree № DP-74 signed by the President of the Kyrgyz Republic on March 11, 1993. The founders of the university were the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic, the Ministry […]