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Master’s program is a second highest level of a two-tier system of higher education. Training in a master program gives the chance to receive the master’s degree with more profound profile of professional activity. The master can realize himself in science, occupy positions requiring analytical, systemic and design skills and abilities, conduct managerial, industrial or socio-economic activities.

Master’s program in full-time form - License No. LD170001258.
Master's program in full-time - License No. LD170001580.
Training in a Master’s program in the correspondence form - License No. LD170001507.

In the Master's program of the ESPC "IUK", masters are trained in 11 areas:

  • 710100 "Computer science", full-time education;
  • 710200 "Information systems and technologies", full-time education;
  • 530800 "International Relations", full-time study;
  • 521500 "Management" full-time and distance learning;
  • 531100 "Linguistics" full-time study;
  • 531500 "Regional Studies" full-time study;
  • 540200 "Social work" full-time and part-time studies;
  • 530100 "Philosophy" full-time study;
  • 531000 "Philology" full-time study;
  • 580100 "Economics" full-time and distance learning;
  • 530500 "Law" full-time and distance learning.

Direct guidance in the implementation of specific master's programs is carried out by specialized departments of the ESPC "IUK".

Advantages of Master’s program of the ESPC “IUK”:

1. Highly qualified and experienced faculty, more than 80% with academic degrees and titles;
2. Master's degree, recognized in foreign countries;
3. Continuation of postgraduate and PhD doctoral studies;
4. Ability to conduct scientific and teaching activities;
5. Individual approach to each undergraduate;
6. The prospect of career growth.


The right for admission to the Master’s program is granted to persons who have a state-approved document on higher professional education with the award of the academic degree “bachelor” in the relevant or related direction or higher professional education with the qualification “specialist”.

Documents for admission to the Master’s program:

  • Diploma original + copy (notarized)
  • Passport copy (original passport is presented personally)
  • Color photo 3 * 4 (4 pieces)
Enrollment in the Master’s program is based on the results of the interview.

Duration of full-time study - 2 years.

The term of study by correspondence is 2.5 years.

Магистратура в УНПК «МУК» открыта в 2017 году. Функцией деканата Магистратуры УНПК «МУК» является организация учебного процесса магистратуры.  

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